Collection: Auction

Read the following rules before participating:

● Proxy bid
Proxy bidding means proxy bidding. You can enter the reservation bid you want (that is, your budget amount) in the bid position. When there are other competitors bidding, the system will automatically bid for you untilCompeteContendByBid higher than yoursAssumeset.

Exmaple: The current bid is 100HKD, your budget is 200HKD, you canOutpriceBitSetloseEnter 200 and click "Bid", the system will book a bid for you, and if there is no competitor, it will stop at the "lowest bid". If there are other competitors bidding, assuming the other party's bid is 180 HKD, the system will You automatically bid 185 HKD, but when the other party’s bid exceeds 200 HKD, the system stops bidding for you.

● Reserve price/reserve price
Goods have a "reserved price/reserve price", if the price at the end of the auction is lower than"Reservation Price/bottomprice"Will be cancelled.

● Payment location for auction:
1. Log in to your account>My account>Check your bid>Successfully win the auction>Pay immediately, and then complete the payment according to the general payment procedure.
2. After winning the auction, a notification email will be sent out> click in> pay now, and then complete the payment according to the general payment procedure.
※Please make the payment within 24 hours after the auction ends, otherwise it will be regarded as void.

● other
1. The auctioned goods are all unused and imported from Japan. The outer box and body status will be explained in detail.
2. Product pictures are all real shots, what you see is what you get Please consider before buying, thank you for your cooperation.

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