Year of the Ox Limited Lucky Bag

📣Happy New Year 2021📣
The Year of the Ox is approaching, the limited-edition lucky bag with great value is indispensable every New Year.
A variety of popular Japanese anime goods, waiting for you to collect.
Available at 0:00 on February 12, 2021!
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Lucky Bag introduction:
lucky bag is divided into 3 types (beautiful girl/Female-oriented/Hot-blooded anime);
The price ranges from 68~888HKD. The number of pieces included in each lucky bag is random, ranging from 2 to 10 pieces;
The larger the amount, the richer the products will be drawn, plush dolls /cushion/figure/nendoroid/figma/bag/clothing...etc;
You can make a wish! We will try our best to meet the requirements, some but not all! ;
Not combined with other discounts and promotions, including free shipping.

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