7 Days Offer Flash Sales

Event Dates: April 3rd to April 9th


【Event 1】
Purchase "Selected Collection" items over HK$500 get 30% off.

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【Event 2】
Spend $50, get $50; spend $100, get $100; and so on^

When you purchase at our website, you can get 500 Easy Rewards points for every $50 spent, which can be redeem for one "HKD$50 Discount Coupon"; when you spend $100, you will get 1,000 Easy Rewards points, which can be redeem for two "HKD$50 Discount Coupon", and so on.
The more you buy, the more you get!


【Event 3】
Get 15% off on Nendoroid、figma、Figure

Use the code: 0ANPHSWBHZCJ at the checkout page OR click the button below to automatically apply the discount to your order.

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*Cannot use with other promotion*

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