Purchase Notice

About Goods

  • Guarantee items is brand new unopened, and original imported from Japan.
  • All items are airlifted from Japan to Hong Kong.
  • The official pictures in the pre-order product introduction are for reference only, subject to the actual arrival goods;
  • All items will be properly packed and then ship to Hong Kong, but long-term transportation may inevitably cause the box to be squeezed and have a slight damage. We does not guarantee that the package is perfect, please note.
  • After the box is opened, if there are painting, coloring, flaws, missing parts, etc., it belongs to the manufacturer's factory problem, we can help customer reflect to the manufacturer, but we will not responsible for that. Please do not embarrass us with the above reasons.
  • items usually arrive within approximately 14 workdays (*Note 3) after the release date.

About Prize

  • Due to Prize supply is currently unstable, the quantity has the risk of cutting orders, all orders for Prize are not guaranteed to be in stock, please place order if you can accept this situation.
  • Reference picture is for reference only. If there are any changes in color, shape, etc., no further notice will be given, which is subject to the actual arrival goods;
  • It is normal for Prize to encounter individual slight differences or small defects. It is not a quality problem. We are not responsible for this, but we can report it to the manufacturers for customers. Please do not embarrass us for the above reasons.
  • Prize will usually arrive approximately 14-21 workdays(*Note 3) after the release date.
  • Affected by COVID-19, the number of flights has decreased significantly and the export of Japanese Prize products has become more difficult. Most Prize products cannot be transported by air and need to be transported by sea. This leads to a longer delivery time, which takes 1-3 months.


About reservation goods

  • Unless otherwise specified, the price of the goods in the reservation already includes international shipping.
  • All the goods in the reservation have individual deadline, please pay the deposit before the deadline.
  • If you would like to order a goods after the deadline, please contact us to check the inventory before placing the order.
  • Please pay the deposit within 3 days after placing the order.
  • After paying the deposit, you must send the receipt copy to us.
  • In case of insufficient supply from the manufacturer (we will try to avoid),  the order will be delivered according to the order of the reservation. For the customer that we cant not provide the goods, we will notify as soon as possible, and refund the deposit.
  • Once the orders are confirmed, no cancellations or changes will be accepted. The full prepaid amount will be deducted from the credit card account provided by you and is non-refundable. If the goods are not picked up on time, the prepaid amount will not be refunded.
  • As the yen exchange rate continues to rise, there is a chance to make up the exchange rate difference when the goods arriving.

About arrival and pickup of goods
  • We will notify customer of the arrival goods by email.
  • Customer must pay the balance and pick-up the goods before Specified period(within 30 days from the date of the arrival notification email).
  • If does not pay the balance and pick-up the goods within the Specified period, it is considered Discard order(*Note 1), order will be Invalid and the customer will blacklisted (*Note 2).
  • If customer have a temporary replenishment / pick-up difficulties, please contact us for deliberation, we will give a grace period as appropriate. After the grace period, we have not received replenishment, then the order will voided and the deposit is forfeited,but blacklist processing will not be performed. However, If the accumulated amount reaches HK$2,000 or more, it will be regarded as an untrustworthy customer and will be blacklisted immediately. Please consciously abide by.
  • All sales final. No refund or exchange. Please check carefully when picking up the goods. 


(*Note 1) Discard order: It means that customer automatically waives the right to deposit and the right to own the goods. The discarded goods will be sold separately and no further notice.

(*Note 2) Blacklist: We will not accept or process any new order for the blacklisted customer within 4 months.

(*Note 3) Workdays: Monday to Friday, public holidays except.