Purchasing Agent

Purchasing price = [(Goods Yen with tax price + Japanese shipping fee + bank handling fee) + 10% service fee + international shipping fee] x exchange rate

Purchasing process
Fill in the purchasing form → We will informs you the amount of purchasing → You pays the deposit
We purchasing products→waiting for arrival→delivery and pay the balance

Please click for purchasing inquiry ->>  Purchase form
Purchasing needs to know
  • The minimum service charge is 500 yen
  • If the order needs to be paid/delivered at a Japanese convenience store or post office, an additional service fee of 1500 yen will be charged each time.
  • All purchasing agents must pay a deposit in advance, and the full amount or 70% of the purchasing agent price must be paid as a deposit.
  • After the order is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled or unsubscribed, and the balance will be paid at the time of delivery.
  • Please check the homepage of our website for the rate.