Exhibition/Event Purchasing Agent


▉ There is no cut-off date, you can place an order at any time.
On the day of the exhibition, additional orders can also be impromptu added. All additional orders during the daily exhibition will be charged a service fee of 30HKD per booth, and the service fee will not be refunded if the purchase fails.  This service fee will not be charged for additional orders placed after the closing of the exhibition and before the opening of the next day.
During the exhibition, we may not have time to check additional order message, sorry /_\
※If there have purchase restrictions causing unable to fulfill all order, the goods will be allocated according to the order of reservation, and that may also the reason of why order cutting.
▉Goods will shipped by EMS or bring it back to Hong Kong in person.


Exchange rate & Deposit

50% of the total order amount as a deposit
The exchange rate of purchasing agent is divided according to the [order amount of a single booth] as follows:
The order amount is less than 10,000 yen, and the exchange rate is 0.14, that is, 1,000 yen = 140 HKD.
The order amount is 10,000-30,000 yen, and the exchange rate is 0.126, that is, 1,000 yen = 126 HKD.
For orders over 30,000 yen, the exchange rate is 0.11, that is, 1,000 yen = 110 HKD.
Please note that the booth amount is calculated according to the amount within the purchase limit. For example, the badge is 300 yen, and the purchase limit is 10, but if you place an order for 100, the booth amount is not calculated at 30,000 yen, but at 3,000 yen.
The deposit is calculated according to the [commodity amount x 0.05], rounding up if it is less than 10 HKD. (eg. 1000 yen product will be sold for 50 HKD)

[Item amount] x [purchasing exchange rate] (+ shipping fee) = full payment. There are no miscellaneous charges such as entrance fees, service fees, etc.
※The exchange rate includes shipping and handling fees, but if the product is a large album/glass/ceramic/thick book, the shipping fee will be added (depending on the actual weight).

Precautions & Important Notes

  • Please don't ask whether to accept orders or not, we acept all orders  but no guarantee.
  • It can very popular last year but this year not. No one bought it in previous years but it was sold out quick this year. These are all normal and it is impossible to predict what the situation will be.
  • Please don't ask if anyone has placed an order first, because I can't remember so I won't answer. Ignore the purchase limit when accepting orders, because I don't know whether the situation at the scene can only be queued once or can be bought a hundred times...
  • Please try your best to pay attention to the message during the exhibition. If there is any unexpected situation that requires the customer's judgment, we will contact you at any time.
  • It is forbidden to ask about the results during the exhibition. This is an evil act to disturb our jobs_(:з"∠)_
  • After the exhibition, there will be a result receipt in the every evening.
  • Please paid the balance in time after the exhibition is over.  If the balance exceeds one week, it will be considered as abandoned, the goods will be confiscated and the deposit will not be refunded, or the delinquent fees will be charged on daily.
  • In principle, random products such as badges do not provide unpacking and character counting services (first of all is troublesome and the second is protect my innocence...).
  • All orders will not provide photo service. If you are worried that the we are fraud, please do not place any order.
  • If you have the above requirements for special reasons, we can provide services with a discretionary fee (starting from 30 HKD, depending on the workload).

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