HYTHIOL-C PLUS +2 270 Tablets (45-Days) [Health & Beauty Care Supplement ] L-cysteine, Spots freckles, Whitening

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Expected to arrive in mid to late April

● Price:
280 HKD
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Recommended for those who are concerned about lentigines and those who want to improve their daily fatigue~

● Product Efficacy
1. Inhibit black production
2. Involve melanin excretion
3. Lighten melanin

Also, In addition to whitening and reducing spots, the effects of HYTHIOL-C plus include:
1. Relieve fatigue: improve human metabolism
2. Antidote: relieve acetaldehyde toxicity, reduce alcohol concentration, and accelerate alcohol decomposition

● How to use
3 times a day, take is as follows:
✧ 15 years old or above: 2 Tablets each time
✧7-14 years old: 1 Tablets each time
✧Under 7 years old: Do not use
It is recommended to take it continuously for more than 3 months

● Origin:

● Capacity:
270 Tablets


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